To not violate the premise of international rules on

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To not violate the premise of international rules on

Editor Language: establishment and development of competition to adapt to low-carbon <strong><a href="" title="nike air max thea danmark">nike air max thea danmark</a></strong> , carbon regulations and technical standards of the legal system is the top priority of our government. To not violate the premise of international rules on foreign-funded enterprises set up barriers, clever, domestic-funded enterprises appropriate tilt to give equal opportunities to private enterprises. The industry leaders have won the right to speak of technical standards vision and strategy for obtaining intellectual property rights in the core components

Climate change, get rid of Financial Crisis, the development of low-carbon economy, countries around the world turn their attention to new Energy Area. Governments on the new energy industry, a high degree of concern and attention to the strategic level, will promote the new energy industry support policies related to the introduction, for the development of a new global energy industry to create a better environment. At the same time, in order to fight in the new round of economic growth cycle to gain competitive advantage, countries have to seize new energy industry standards to a standard master the international voice.

States aimed at new energy industry, "a giant cake"
Currently <strong><a href=" title="nike air max 90 hyperfuse independence hvid">nike air max 90 hyperfuse independence hvid</a></strong> , the U.S., Germany, Japan, Korea and China have been or are being introduced large-scale new energy development plan, will focus on wind, solar, nuclear energy, biomass energy, new energy Car Such as the development of new energy industries. Different in different countries according to their competitive advantage, chasing the forefront to compete.

EU: New EU energy development strategy has been the global climate control strategy is an important component. The international financial crisis, the EU countries to strengthen the energy field in the new comparative advantage has been further increased policy support. The EU in December 2008 approved a European Union energy and climate package to ensure that the new European Union by 2020 the overall consumption of energy in the energy ratio to 20%. According to the EU in October 2009 announced a "strategic energy technology plan", the European Union within the next 10 years for at least 50 billion euros investment in clean energy research and development.

United States: Obama government attaches great importance to the development of new energy <strong><a href=" title="nike air max 90 hyperfuse rød">nike air max 90 hyperfuse rød</a></strong> , new energy and that it would Environmental protection In the field to lead the world again. In February 2009 the U.S. House and Senate passed "in 2009 to restore and re-investment Act" in the 789 billion U.S. dollars budget of 500 billion dollars to promote energy efficiency and expanding renewable energy production. June 2009 the U.S. House of Representatives passed "The United States Clean Energy and Climate Security Act", planned by 2020 at least 12% of the electricity sector, the electricity generated from wind energy, solar energy and other new energy sources.

Japan: Japan has been actively developing solar, wind, nuclear energy, new energy, use of bio-power generation, waste power generation, geothermal power generation and the production of fuel cells as a new energy, especially solar energy development and utilization of high hopes. After years of development, solar energy in Japan is becoming more common <strong><a href=" title="nike air max 90 hyperfuse sort">nike air max 90 hyperfuse sort</a></strong> , many families have purchased a solar power plant. In 2009, the Japanese government to implement tax breaks, increased taxes to encourage fuel consumption of new energy vehicles, incentives to promote industrial development of new energy vehicles in Japan.

China: response to climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, low carbon economy in transition in recent years China has begun to focus on developing new energy sources, has introduced the "Renewable Energy Law" and "long-term plan for renewable energy development." June 2007 the Chinese government issued "China's special action on climate change science and technology", has made clear the focus on the development of new energy and renewable energy technologies the task; March 2009 release "auto industry restructuring and revitalization plan," which clearly 2011 500 000 years to form near-term electric vehicle production target. 2009, the Government new energy, energy saving, electric vehicles and other industries to support the inclusion of a strategic new industries. In addition <strong><a href=" title="nike air max 90 sort og lilla">nike air max 90 sort og lilla</a></strong> , the "New Energy Industrial Promotion and Development Plan" also coming soon.

From the national policy direction and priorities for future development point of view, mainly in wind, solar, biomass, nuclear energy, new energy and automobile industry development. In wind energy, the EU is technically temporary occupation of the first, the United States on a temporary advantage in size, but China has developed rapidly, the future may lead;

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