You may end up just ruining his day

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You may end up just ruining his day

<p>Closing a deal is the goal of salespeople. They’ll do whatever it takes to seal a business deal <strong><a href="" title="Gabriel Landeskog Avalanche Jersey">Gabriel Landeskog Avalanche Jersey</a></strong> , especially if a huge amount is at stake. They’ll go the extra mile just to get the nod of a client for a successful transaction. And when it comes to talking to a prospective client about a business proposal, one of the best venues to do it is on a golf course.<p>
<p>Some may scoff at that idea, thinking that a client might not like someone hounding him during his playtime. However, there have been deals closed after a game of golf. If you want to get a big client to sign up for a huge deal, here are ways on how you can do business while playing:<p>
<p>Book a game with your prospective client - Your very first goal is to make sure you can play a game with the client you’re eyeing. Of course, this would entail some expenses, as most golf clubs would require one to become a member so he can play in their course.<p>
<p>Set an appointment - Let the client know that you’ll play golf with him <strong><a href="" title="Matt Duchene Avalanche Jersey">Matt Duchene Avalanche Jersey</a></strong> , but never mention anything about your business proposal. Don’t make it appear like you’ll be playing with him only because of your business intentions. When you set an appointment to play with him, make it sound casual and not, well, business-like.<p>
<p>Talk casually - Your initial goal is to let your client feel comfortable with you. This means no mention about any serious business matters at the beginning of your golf game. Golf is not a very physical sport, so there’ll be a lot of conversation time for you in between putts. Try to find out what his interests are and talk about such interests with him. Of course, before the game, you should do your homework and find out as much as you can about your prospective client’s interests <strong><a href="" title="Womens Semyon Varlamov Jersey">Womens Semyon Varlamov Jersey</a></strong> , passion, or hobbies.<p>
<p>Don’t force the issue - If you feel like he’s not in the mood for talking business with you, don’t force it. You may end up just ruining his day on the green instead of building a good impression. There’s always another chance for you to play a game with him and by then, he would be in the mood for discussing your proposal with him. It’s all about playing it by ear. If he mentions something about his interest in doing business with you, that’s your clue to start playing your business cards.<p>
<p>Sponsor a golf tournament - If your company has the budget for it, you can host a golf tournament and invite your prospective clients to the event. With this, you have every excuse to talk to him about your business proposal.<p>
<p>Don’t forget to follow up - A deal is not a deal unless he signs a contract or an agreement. Your job certainly doesn’t end on the golf course. Once you’ve gotten his positive response to your proposal during the game <strong><a href="" title="Womens Gabriel Landeskog Jersey">Womens Gabriel Landeskog Jersey</a></strong> , be sure to call him or his secretary to remind him of what you’ve talked about.<p>
<p>Ace that deal with a hole in one. Practice what you’ll say to your client, whether while you’re walking on the fairway or driving in an electric golf buggy (for those who want to get a golf buggy, check<p>

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