Shane Vereen Giants Jersey

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Shane Vereen Giants Jersey

In this match <a title="Shane Vereen Jersey" href=""... Vereen Jersey</a> , people have witnessed best sides of their league, in which England's best club encountered against Italy's best club at San Siro in 1st leg of their match.

Manchester united has won their group stage with convincing two wins and 4 draws which make them on top of the group with ten points and Internazionale finished on 2nd in their group stage with eight points. What you can expect more other than encounter of the two most successful coaches of current times behind both clubs as Jose Mourinho for inter Milan and Sir Alex Ferguson for Manchester United head to head on that match which resulted in a draw at San Siro. You might have seen that extra ordinary match on 24 February 2009 and soccer results of this match are unforgettable which brings you the best attack and defense war of these two giants.

Inter Milan has lost two matches successively in their group stages which include one home lost which could hurt them on knockout round. Inter Milan has scored 8 goals in all and conceded 7 goals which shows their problems in defense with another blow of Marco Materazzi who was injured and missed the match.

Manchester united is unbeaten in their last 6 matches in champions' league and they beat net 9 times in group stages and deceived 3 times by opponent. This is not only good example of their defense but also their Barclays premiership record of being unbeaten in more than 1032 minutes without conceding goal in league matches. The former record was maintained by Chelsea's keeper Petr Cech which was of 1025 minutes and he was considered as best keeper until Edwin Van Der SAR broke the record and make it 1032 for his fantastic career in Manchester united and as he did same with this match unbeaten again.
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