all eye and pathologies and visual system conditions.

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all eye and pathologies and visual system conditions.

Chess Game: To Enhance Mental Clarity Chess Game: To Enhance Mental Clarity June 18 <a title="Paxton Lynch Jersey" href=" Lynch Jersey</a> , 2012 | Author: kyliebroen | Posted in Education
Did you know that medical investigation has shown that the average individual uses only roughly 1 tenth of their brain capacity? It’s a reality but maintain in mind that this really is only an average since some people are a capable of accessing and using even much more than a paltry ten percent, and this really is how geniuses think. For sure you’ve observed folks that may do really complex math equations on demand.

So then what about growing your brains capacity to create “you smarter”, along with a far better thinker? Is it actually probable to improve your IQ? The very best strategy to answer that question, is with yet another question, and that’s can individuals be produced a lot more stupid? Now the answer to that is a resounding yes because we all have noticed it occur. So the logical answer to the very first question is “yes” <a title="Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey" href=" Manning Broncos Jersey</a> , we can raise our IQ level.

Then to extrapolate that out even further, if your brain loses function by lack of stimulation, or brain exercise then it’s only logical that in case you were to “stimulate your brain” it will respond with a greater IQ. So then you have to come up with some strategy, like a standard exercise regimen to perform your brain workouts with, and what more men and women are deciding on and obtaining powerful nowadays is chess. So then why chess?

As it turns out there are several factors why this 1 game in specific is such an successful brain builder. In general terms though <a title="Billy Turner Broncos Jersey" href=" Turner Broncos Jersey</a> , it teaches and bolsters the abilities of peoples of all ages to set and prioritize both lengthy and brief term goals at the exact same time. In reality among the keys to success at this game is mastering the capacity to reach lengthy term goals by way of a series of brief term accomplishments. The fundamentals of this game are at the same time very basic to understand.

So by way of repetitive training, it actually bolsters your brains ability to believe in a strategic fashion which in turn works to enhance your capacity to make sound judgmental decisions. This game also needs intense concentration, so it is fantastic physical exercise for learning how you can block out distractions although you’re attempting to think. You learn to a lot more clearly focus, and also it betters your capability to achieve tunnel vision.

So within the exact same way as performing leg squats will work to make your “legs stronger”, so to will all of the thinking <a title="Jake Butt Broncos Jersey" href=" Butt Broncos Jersey</a> , and concentration exercises which you do playing chess function to make your “brain stronger”. On a final note: it is also an excellent strategy to enhance your social life too. Chess players tend to be “pack animals”, so take a look on-line to see how numerous organizations are devoted to it where you live.

Want to find out more about chess boards, then visit Dorothy Parkinson’s site on how to choose the best chess sets for your needs.

Comparison Between Dry And Wet Process For Sapphire Etching Comparison Between Dry And Wet Process For Sapphire Etching December 15, 2013 | Author: Paul Drake | Posted in Business

Dry and Wet Etching are two popular processes that are being used for the production of patterned sapphire substrate. Having said that, it makes sense to understand the difference between the two so that you can determine which particular process suits best to your unique needs. So <a title="Chad Kelly Broncos Jersey" href=" Kelly Broncos Jersey</a> , I have prepared below some sort of comparison between the two processes.

Dry etching

- the most popular method used by manufacturing companies to etch sapphire substrates and it has a very slow process with a low throughput rate;

- Etching a standard 2-inch wafer can take between 30 and 60 minutes;

- experts say that it does not scale effectively; as wafer size increases, throughput of a dry etcher falls because fewer wafers fit inside the vacuum chamber. This results to the use of more expensive plasma etching tools to attain the same throughput as achieved using smaller wafers;

- as an estimate, dry etching rates range between 50nm and 200nm per minute is attainable;

- dry etching creates bright and efficient LEDs but the process takes it so slow and limited throughput.

Wet etching

- it has the advantage of being an extremely fast process and it can be carried out in a lot cheaper procedure than dry etching;

- the LEDs that are produced using wet etching process are not as efficient and effective as that of the dry etching process; however, it is very scalable.

- wet etching process provides a cost-saving advantage compared to dry etching;

- polishing touch-up work is performed on the wafers in order to increase light extraction efficiency.

Sample of equipment utilized in sapphire etching process:

The Accubath Xe-Series — designed to perform a wet etching process; this etching bath equipment has been proven to be a great help for semiconductor manufacturers as it helps improve the processes that were previously thought to be too slow due to temperature limitations. This equipment is developed by Imtec Acculine.

Hitachi High-tech Silicon Etch System — this equipment is capable of generating a stable high density plasma at a very low pressure; it is utilized in dry etching based on an ECR (*1) plasma source.

CDE-80N Chemical Dry Etching Equipment — used chemical dry etching process for thin film in a gaseous state semiconductor process. Damage-free etching process, through perfect separation of the etching unit and plasma generating unit <a title="Brendan Langley Broncos Jersey" href=" Langley Broncos Jersey</a> , enables wide use in the damage removal process.

Each of the etching processes discussed above has its own advantages and . <a href="" title="Wholesale Baseball Jerseys">Wholesale Baseball Jerseys</a> <a href="" title="Wholesale Basketball Jerseys">Wholesale Basketball Jerseys</a> <a href="" title="Wholesale Hockey Jerseys">Wholesale Hockey Jerseys</a> <a href="" title="Wholesale Jerseys">Wholesale Jerseys</a> <a href="" title="Wholesale Football Jerseys">Wholesale Football Jerseys</a> <a href="" title="Wholesale Soccer Jerseys">Wholesale Soccer Jerseys</a>

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