Whether taking a romantic stroll along its picturesque pier

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Whether taking a romantic stroll along its picturesque pier

One fine day in March <strong><a href="http://www.cheapblazervintageuk.co.uk/" title="cheap nike blazers uk">cheap nike blazers uk</a></strong> , I decided to take a break from article writing and pay a visit to my old home town of Rochester, NY. It has been about 30 years since I last visited the place in 1980. With air fare and hotel bills and a lot more expenses pulling at me to stay home, the next best thing was to visit the web and see what I could dig up. It was a fantastic trip and I plan to "visit" there many more times in the future.

Let's take a look at some of the good places to spend a few hours or more.

Ontario Beach Park

In my toddler days I remembered the place as being "Charlotte" or sometimes "down the lake." One photo I cannot find (dated 1936 or thereabouts) was me in a toddler bathing suit running through the water puddles next to the beach. The place hasn't changed much in the ensuing seventy years, except it has gotten better.

Whether taking a romantic stroll along its picturesque pier, riding the 1905 Dentzel menagerie carousel, or going boating, Ontario Beach Park provides all that's necessary for a perfect summer day at the beach. Ontario Beach Park attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually. The park offers seven shelters that are available for rent in the summer months.
The seven open air shelters come with picnic tables, grills <strong><a href="http://www.cheapblazervintageuk.co.uk/" title="cheap nike blazers for sale">cheap nike blazers for sale</a></strong> , electricity, water and bathrooms nearby. The Roger Robach Community Center (Bathhouse) has been renovated and available to rent for picnics, parties and weddings. These facilities have been in existence for as long as I can remember.

In the early days, there used to be a trolley line which linked downtown Rochester to the beach. After the 40s, buses that ran along Lake Avenue provided the transportation. The bus line (Lake Avenue #1) still operates to this day. You can access my blog for more information.

There used to be a roller skating rink located in the middle of the park area, but the most recent map of the place shows it being missing. You had to be a certain age and height for the park monitors to let you in. Besides being too small, I also didn't have roller skates. It was fun just watching them skate around there. Most of the skating crowd were in their teens or older. I sometimes think to myself how many of these people are now running out their last miles in old age homes and other nursing care facilities.

Besides the beach and the picnic grounds, the biggest attraction there was the "merry-go-round." If I was ever a pest in my toddler and later days <strong><a href="http://www.cheapblazervintageuk.co.uk/men-s-women-s-training-shoes-all-w... title="nike air max 90 independence day white">nike air max 90 independence day white</a></strong> , it was always to ride the merry-go-round. This was the 1905 Dentzel menagerie carousel named "The Duchess." It is situated at the east end of Ontario Beach Park. The Duchess has the distinction of being one of only fourteen operating antique menagerie carousels in the United States. It is also one of only a few that still remain in its original location. This Gustav Dentzel creation is a three-row carousel consisting of fifty-two animals and two chariots. The animals were horses, rabbits, cats, ostriches, pigs, and mules, among others.

In 1980 the Preservation Board granted the carousel landmark status. In 1984 the Parks Department began extensive restoration of the carousel, which lasted for many years and included improvements on the building and surrounding walkways. Until recent years <strong><a href="http://www.cheapblazervintageuk.co.uk/cheap-nike-air-max-90-american-fla... title="nike air max 90 independence day blue">nike air max 90 independence day blue</a></strong> , Wurlitzer Military Band Organ Style 165 paper rolls were used, but a Stinson MIDI system replaced the organ and continues to play the same music once heard on the original rolls. The Duchess is a unique joy for Rochesterians and visitors. It celebrated its 100th year at Ontario Beach in 2005.

From the Duchess carousel, you could look out over the Genesee River and on occasion, you might see one of the lake steamers coming into the Port of Rochester. Overlooking the Genesee River is a stone lighthouse. This forty-foot high lighthouse was built in 1822 to guide the growing number of commerce ships into the Port of Rochester. Following a long and storied history, the lighthouse was rumored to be demolished in 1965. Concerned students intervened on its behalf. Later renovations led to the tower being relit in 1984. There is a Fascinating museum and well-stocked gift shop on-hand.

Strong Museum

If you think of museums as stuffy, musty places, think again! The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York is rated one of the nation's top 10 children's museums by Child magazine. It overcomes any such notions you may have about museum-going. At Strong Museum <strong><a href="http://www.cheapblazervintageuk.co.uk/cheap-nike-air-max-90-american-fla... title="nike air max 90 independence day navy">nike air max 90 independence day navy</a></strong> , kids of all ages are invited to touch, explore, discover, and participate in whimsical, interactive learning environments. Here kids can step onto Sesame Street, pilot a helicopter, and travel through time. Children can enjoy a live theatre experience twice daily every Friday, Saturday <strong><a href="http://www.cheapblazervintageuk.co.uk/nike-air-max-90-american-flag-inde... title="nike air max 90 independence red">nike air max 90 independence red</a></strong> , and Sunday. The museum also houses a breathtaking array of collections. There are more than 500,000 objects of Americana, including toys, dollhouses, home furnishings, and the world's most comprehensive collection of dolls.

Everything at Strong Museum is geared towards making your family visit a memorable one. There are kid friendly exhibits, along with the warm and welcoming staff in their purple polo shirts. Craft tables throughout the museum are always well stocked with colorful materials that keep little fingers and minds busy. You can snuggle up and read with your child in one of the many book nooks, which are located in every exhibit. There is even a "guest rest" where parents can tend to their infants. The museum provides a spare change of children's clothing in case of "accidents."

After experiencing the exhibits <strong><a href="http://www.cheapblazervintageuk.co.uk/nike-air-max-90-womens-mens/air-ma... title="nike air max 90 hyperfuse usa">nike air max 90 hyperfuse usa</a></strong> , you can take a break with the kids and have a quick meal in the museum's authentic 1956 diner. You can try an ice-cream sundae at Louie's Sweet Shoppe, an old-fashioned ice-cream fountain. And no visit is complete without a spin on the 1918 Allan Herschell carousel!

You can take exciting expeditions through awe-inspiring collections and compelling exhibitions. At Strong Museum you can

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