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The espresso plant is an evergreen shrub, categorized underneath the genus Coffea, and a part of the botanical family Rubiaceae. There are numerous species of Coffea, the finest high-quality being Arabica, which these days represents fifty nine% of the arena’s espresso manufacturing.
Arabica originated inside the highlands of Ethiopia. it's far sensitive to hot and humid conditions, and grows at altitudes of 1.25-1.55 miles. Arabica grown at better altitudes is related to the emergence of better excellent characteristics for the duration of roasting.

because Coffea grows in tropical and equatorial areas wherein it's miles always spring or summer season, it’s no longer a exchange of weather, but alternatively the beginning of the wet season that triggers Arabica flora to flower, aromatic and white. 8 or 9 months after flowering comes the fruit: deep pink, vivid and plump like cherries, every containing Arabica seeds, or beans.
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With rain, the fruit prospers, and a cautious harvesting method starts offevolved. in view that ripe and unripe fruit can occupy the identical plant, precision harvesting is vital.

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