Ning Zetao win the 100-meter freestyle

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Ning Zetao win the 100-meter freestyle

<p>Ning Zetao of China led all the way to win the 100-meter freestyle at the world swimming championships.</p>

<p>Ning touched first in 47.84 seconds Thursday night, following up <a href=>Cheap NFL Jerseys Sale</a> his victory in last year's Asian Games with his first world title a year.</p>

<p>Cameron McEvoy of Australia finished second in 47.95. Federico Grabich of Argentina was third in 48.12.Reigning Olympic champion Nathan Adrian of the United States tied for seventh with Pieter Timmers of Belgium in 48.31.Russia's Vladimir Morozov was disqualified for a false start <a href=>Discounted Jerseys NFL</a> in the semifinals and defending champion James Magnussen of Australia is home with a shoulder injury.</p>

<p>Standing on the highest step of the podium after winning swimming's signature race, Ning Zetao clutched his warmup suit by his chest where there was an image of the Chinese flag and thrust it upward. And before he even got out of the pool he did the same thing with his <a href=>Discounted NFL Jerseys Cheap</a> swim cap.</p>

<p>The message was clear: China, already dominant with Sun Yang in the distance races, can sprint now, too.</p>

<p>Ning surprised a depleted field to win the 100-meter freestyle at the world championships <a href=>NFL Jerseys Cheap</a> in 47.84 seconds on Thursday.The 22-year-old Ning became the first man from Asia to win a medal of any color in the 100 free at the worlds.</p>

<p>"It is a dream of Asia, of China, to get gold medals in sprint distances," Ning said through a translator.</p>

<p>Ning swept the 50 and 100 freestyle titles at last year's Asian Games, becoming the <a href=>NFL Jerseys For Sale Cheap</a> first Asian swimmer to break the 48-second barrier. He has his first world title a year before the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. He's a member of the Chinese Navy.</p>

<p>"I will have more confidence to prepare for Rio," Ning said. "I know it's true that <a href=>NFL Jerseys Sale</a> it could be a slight change in my life and that I could be in the focus of the public. That is my life."</p>

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