Nike air max 90 nike tn 2015 Femme

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Nike air max 90 nike tn 2015 Femme

The Olympic Partner program which Levono has entered with the IOC was started in 1985 and it is the biggest level of sponsorship globally. Lenovo being an outstanding company in China technology industry, its products together with services enjoy widespread approval and high status. The partnership with the IOC will further improve the image of the company and increase its market share. (Levono company, 2008) The steps of Olympic marketing strategy for Lenovo that help the company achieve their sales and profit objectives Levono Company a personal computer manufacturer company started working and getting prepared for Olympic Games as early as 2015, when the company publicized its sponsorship deal. Levono has a number of staff working on this project. The project will see the company's number of products, ranging from printers to servers and notebooks .Everything aspect from collecting and keeping participant's information to showing the scores, and all activities of Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), The company plans to use more than 20,000 products at the Olympic games.

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