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nike air max 90 cheap

Tropical Costa Rica has been a favorite tourist destination for visitors from The Continent and North America for many years. Though it is one of the smaller countries on the planet <a title="nike blazer floral liberty" href="">nike blazer floral liberty</a> , about as large as, its many attractions are world-famous: nearly 800 miles of uncrowded beaches on Caribbean and Pacific oceans; parks and reserves covering more than a quarter of its land area; and a staggering array of plants and animals. People come for its volcanoes; terrific fishing; uncrowded beaches; some of the greatest surfing anywhere; whitewater or family rafting thrills; ziplining high in the tropical forests; and, of course, adult nightlife. What happens here stays here (unless you want to brag about your adventures on Facebook). There is a Costa Rica vacation for every wallet. For the rich and famous, or those who want to vacation like they are celebrities, there are places like the Real Intercontinental Hotel <a title="nike free tr floral" href="">nike free tr floral</a> , Papagayo Four Seasons Resort and Los Suenos Resorts. But, if these are a bit pricier or fancier than your taste dictates, you can experience this Latin American country quite nicely on a more reserved budget. Here are five little known tips to vacation big with budget travel. 1. Save 20 Percent or more on hotels and resorts: Observe travel seasons a. Avoid Peak Season. {Christmas through New Years week (December 15-January 5) and Easter Week are Peak Season not only for foreign visitors but for Costa Rica residents, too. Costa Rica schools are not in session, many governmental agencies and private businesses close, and tens of thousands Ticos and Ticas pack their cars and flock to the most popular beaches. They know the best deals while you will pay peak prices! b. High Season coincides with winter in North America and Europe. The majority of foreign tourists travel Costa Rica from January through April because of the sunny tropical weather <a title="nike flower print trainers" href="">nike flower print trainers</a> , a fact not lost on hotels and resorts. Like Florida, Arizona, and the Texas coast, Snowbirds get plucked a bit more than during off-season. Fortunately, if you visit this Central American country during High Season you will return home with a few less plucked feathers than had you taken your holiday in the States or Europe. c. The best deals are found during the Green (Low) Season. The very best travel (airline prices) and hotel and resort bargains are found during this time. Many travelers mistakenly think that it rains every day during the Green Season though, indeed <a title="nike roshe uk sale" href="">nike roshe uk sale</a> , the majority of days are sunny and mild. Typically, there are showers for an hour or so in the afternoon or early evening. For the greatest budget travel deals, this is the time of year to vacation. American and European students and families are around for their summer vacation until mid-August but prices are good and accommodations available in most places.The [savvy budget traveler visits September through mid-November when (if you ask) there are often discounts of 20-35 Percent or more available. Imagine a seven day vacation where you only pay for five nights! 2. Save $25 a day when renting a car by planning ahead Here is a tip that takes five minutes but can save you a lot of money while traveling. Many tourists rent a car on the Web before they fly and are surprised to be apprised when they arrive that the rental agency plans to charge an additional fee of $25 or more per day for liability insurance! The experienced vacationer does not need to pay that money by observing some simple rules. Rule No. 1: If your vehicle policy at home includes liability coverage, that insurance will cover your rental car. Recommendation: bring a copy of the policy along with the fax and email of your insurance agent . Rule No. 2: Many credit cards offer a little known benefit: liability insurance coverage for rentals when the card is used. Contact your credit card company before you travel for best results. Rule No. 3: Be polite but informed. And, if you do not have the insurance info when you get the car, ask for the rental company's fax and contact your agent. Over the course of a week or two <a title="nike roshe uk" href="">nike roshe uk</a> , you will save a bundle of cash simply by taking a few minutes to get your insurance documents and contact information together. 3. Save another 5 Percent or more: Remember that Cash Is King It is true: Cash is King. Many merchants prefer being paid in dollars over credit cards and when asked if they give a discount for cash will offer 5 percent or more. Ask "Que (pronounced "K") es discuento por effectivo?" which means "What is the discount for cash?" Be sure the bills are new and not defaced with even a tiny tear. And, bring $20 and $50 bills. Many restaurants, merchants, and hostels cannot break a $100 bill. 4. Save 10 Percent while dining: Do not pay two tips in a restaurant Do you speak Spanish? No? That could cost you ten percent in lots of bars, bistros, cafes <a title="nike cortez womens size 5" href="">nike cortez womens size 5</a> , and restaurants. Here is why. Many restaurants and bars, particularly those frequented by foreign travelers, automatically include a 10 Percent gratuity (called "servicio") on a bill. They are supposed to include that information on the menu but few bars or restaurants do so and are rewarded by unknowing foreigners who unwittingly leave a second gratuity because they do not know how to read the bill. So, here is the scoop. Look for either the word "servicio" or some unexplained charge of ten percent (most likely, a disguised "servicio"). Would not that money be better spent on ice cream for the family? 5. Save 50 Percent by staying in a hostel There are hostels throughout Costa Rica. Most adult travelers think of a hostel as a place where there are several beds in a common dorm. The fact is, however <a title="nike cortez uk sale" href="">nike cortez uk sale</a> , that increasingly hostels across the country offer private rooms with their own baths, but at a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. Green Season rates are frequently in the range of $12 per person. Before you r

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