The New Brand of Adidas

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The New Brand of Adidas

In 2005, the [url=]adidas sneakers sale[/url] spent thirty-one euros to purchase the Reebok, which is also a sporting brand, and also get the branch company of the Reebok called Rockport. Subsequently, the Adidas founded the Adidas-group which has Adidas, Taylormade and Reebok.On January 24, 2005 there is an announcement of the BOCOG, which was said to enroll the Adidas as the cooperative partner of the 2008 Olympic Games.

Since the Adidas was a cooperative partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, there is no doubt that it will supply sporting equipments for all the working staff and [url=]adidas sneakers outlet[/url] Adipower Predator technicians who are from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the Olympic Games for the Disabled. These words were from the vice executive president of the BOCOG on the signing ceremony. At the same time, the Adidas also became the cooperative partner of COC, short for Chinese Olympic Committee, in sportswear.

All the athletes who are about to attend the 2006 Winter Olympic Games and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will dress in the Adidas sportswear. Toward it, the president of the [url=]adidas schoenen sale[/url] in Chinese area also expressed her attitude. The founder of the Adidas produced the first pair of spiked shoes for athletes of the Olympic Games and to invent new products to help the sportsmen to make a new record.

The [url=]adidas schoenen kopen[/url] custom-made for Beijing will help Chinese athletes to make a breakthrough in the Olympic Games in 2008. When we evaluate and judge the gap among the gold-medal athletes, the simple describe by words is not enough. We also need to examine the intrinsic slight differences in time, power, explosive force, weight, skills, passion, confidence, flair and etc.

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