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Why An Affiliate Business Is Not A Part-Time Hobby Why An Affiliate Business Is Not A Part-Time Hobby February 17 , 2013 | Author: Russell Howe | Posted in Marketing
Despite the fact that most people see the ability to make money online as nothing more than a pipe dream, thousands of people flock to the worldwide web every month in a bid to become their own boss. Companies such as Empower Network often reap the rewards of that interest, but today we will answer one very important question. Do you actually have time to make this work?

You see, one of the biggest factors in why so many people are led to believe they can generate a full-time income with only a part-time effort is down to the way many MLM’s and affiliate programs choose to market themselves. That’s right, the companies actually bring it upon themselves in most cases. Due to the large amount of competition in their industry, they’ll often use guarantees of being easier and more rewarding than anything else available. Of course, the reality of running your own business is far different.

First of all, try to ditch any intentions of spending two or three minutes per day working on your home business. Despite what you may have heard via the hype which surrounds most business opportunities, you cannot become your own boss if you are only prepared to apply a minimal effort.

Once you get past that myth, a lot of the other common myths surrounding internet marketing suddenly clear themselves up. A good example here is the myth that you can strike it lucky by joining a brand new company in pre-launch, getting in before the masses , then make a fortune by simply being in the right place at the right time. Companies know this attracts freeloaders and they use that type of marketing to attract them in order to build a big email list. Notice in three months those individuals get another irresistible email offering them the chance to join the latest venture…

There are several different aspects to becoming your own boss which all require time. While you may not necessarily have hours to spare every day, you can still reach success by merely applying yourself in whatever time you have available. Over a period of days, weeks and months this consistent effort really builds up into a good foundation from which you can build for your long-term future. [ Russ Howe built an incredible income with empower network this year. Here is his story.


If you have a couple of hours to spare each day to work on your home business then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from developing it into a full-time income for your family within the first year of business. The problem is, of course, most people do not have that sort of time available every day.

Almost everybody likes the concept of working for themselves, but very few have the drive required to push themselves to the top when the going gets tough. Those early days are what makes you successful. If you are consistent with your efforts you can have a massive platform of material created over the course of a year and you can dominate any home business you want to target, because most affiliates in the program are nowhere near as serious.

Those who are jumping into opportunities such as Empower Network because they like the idea of being able to make money online with a minimal effort are in for a rude awakening. Becoming your own boss is a very big step. Now you know what to expect, you will be in a far stronger position should you choose to make it happen.

Writer: Russ Howe is an established five figure earning coach within empower network. He also teaches useful information on how you can make money online with any home based business opportunity.

Complete Home Remodeling Projects Add Value And Beauty To A Dwelling Complete Home Remodeling Projects Add Value And Beauty To A Dwelling August 18, 2013 | Author: Nita McKinney | Posted in Marketing

Many property owners choose to complete home remodeling projects at some point in time to increase the value of their properties. Such renovations involve a vast array of choices. Those who are skilled with do-it-yourself projects may be able to complete much of the work without assistance. However, tasks such as electrical wiring, plumbing , and other complicated jobs should be turned over to qualified contractors.

One should consider how long he or she plans to remain in the dwelling prior to organizing a renovation project. For example, remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is a wise course of action for those who are planning to sell their home, as these are two projects that add a considerable amount of value to the property. However, those who wish to live in the home for many years may decide to focus on other projects in order to make their dwelling more aesthetically appealing.

The majority of homeowners can oversee small tasks such as painting the walls of the room. The latter simply involves buying the appropriate amount of tape, after measuring the area that needs to be refinished. If the room is very large, one can ensure consistent color by purchasing a five-gallon container.

Electrical wiring, heating, and plumbing jobs are major projects that should not be tackled without help. As mentioned earlier, it is only wise to do so if the homeowner has experience with such work. Those who have never completed repairs of this type will find that it is a much better option to seek the services of a contractor.

Is essential to design a plan for every facet of the remodeling process. Selecting quality products and estimating the price of materials in advance is always a good idea. Materials of this kind can be bought at small independent businesses, or large home-improvement chain stores. The establishment from which one chooses to acquire these materials will depend on .

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